A novel of unrelenting terror from the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of STAINED. Available in Limited and Deluxe Collectible Hardcover editions from Sarob Press.


"[DAMAGE is] almost certainly the most compelling book I've read in the past year, with an engaging story, characters that are what characters are all about, and a handful of very creepy scenes… Thomas is a dynamic storyteller, putting all the dramatic elements in place right from page one… A novel well worth seeking out."
Stephen Mark Rainey, author of The Nightmare Frontier and Blue Devil Island

“[DAMAGE] is rich with colorful and deep characters… I’m greedy and am just a bit spoiled from the quality of Lee’s writing… I highly recommend DAMAGE…”
— Horror World Review by Michael Myers (For full review, go HERE and scroll down to the review.

"... Lee packs his tale with a nice variety of interesting characters, some brutal killings, and plenty of scenes that will send a chill down your spine during late-night reads; Lee is also to be commended for providing a nice blend of scares and gore, using each element just enough to make DAMAGE much more enjoyable than your standard horror story, further enhanced by a perfect use of dialogue.

"Between this and his previous short novella, PARISH DAMNED, Lee Thomas is quickly becoming a master of ‘short/long’ fiction."
Nick Cato, THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW. The full review will appear in THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW #15, to be released November 9, 2006. 

"DAMAGE is beautiful! Lee Thomas has performed the impossible: A sweeping, staggering adventure that's half the size it should be to deliver so much power. Well-written, carefully schemed and delightfully intense: I cannot recommend DAMAGE enough."
— James A. Moore, author of SERENITY FALLS and BLOOD RED

"Another triumphant novel of terror from Lee Thomas! No other author can take the intimate innermost horrors of the personal and expand them to affect an entire town, an entire cast of indelible characters, the way Thomas can. If you're not reading him, you're missing out on one of the freshest, most important voices in literary horror today."
— Nicholas Kaufmann, author of WALK IN SHADOWS



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