In the Closet, Under the Bed

Dark Scribe Press
December 15, 2009

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Nominated for a Bram Stoker Award!

Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award!


“The pieces here make up a vibrant, dark and grotesque study of repression, compulsion and fear… Thomas' prose is an absolute delight, rich in imagery, precise and elegant. These stories are imbued with a ferocious sexuality—sex and violence are inseparable here, and sex invariably has the power to destroy… Ultimately, In the Closet, Under the Bed is a brilliant, terrifying collection of stories that, like all the best horror, expands our knowledge—and our fears—about what it means to be human.”
— Rue Morgue Magazine #99

 “Thomas's extremely visceral descriptions and ability to tap into universal fears make this best read in small doses, with the lights on.”
— Publisher’s Weekly

 “Disturbing…outstanding… Absolutely memorable.”
— Hellnotes

 “The author… has blended homo sensibility and the horror genre with inventive originality; quite possibly, queer Clive Barker seduced hetero Stephen King one dark and stormy night, and the spawn of their co-mingled seed grew up to be Lee Thomas.”
— Q Syndicate – Richard Labonte

“As I read this collection, I found myself enjoying each story more than the one preceding it.  Each story has a unique voice, true to its setting and characters… Each character’s journey is different, their thoughts and reactions are distinct.  For those who like stories packed with an emotional punch, watch out.”
— Horror World

"From lyrical to poignant to funny to beautifully grotesque and back again, this smart, gleefully original collection showcases Lee Thomas’s Herculean talent. What I love most though, is that Thomas gets the purpose of horror: to cast light on the darkness, so that we readers recognize what is good, what is obscene, and what our society has confused between the two."
Sarah Langan, Award-Winning Author of The Missing and Audrey’s Door

"Lee Thomas' stories always start as a come-on, with silky smooth prose that draws you into a comfortable world so effortlessly you fail to see the razor-sharp teeth before it's too late.  This is horror at its best, guaranteed to leave you with the shivers, whether you wanted them or not."
— David Wellington, author of Monster Island and 23 Hours

"There are plenty of truly frightening and horrific moments in In the Closet, Under the Bed, but these stories go beyond the scare.  Lee Thomas explores sexual and personal identity; the everyday confusions and complications of being human.  His stories are always emotionally authentic, and the answers to the questions he poses never come easy.  This is smart, contemporary horror with a compelling conscience."
— Paul Tremblay, author of The Little Sleep

"Like every master craftsman of horror, Lee Thomas is weirdly inventive, with an arsenal of tricks and techniques up his sleeves and a universe of creatures, ghouls, ghosts, spirits, and body shifters to unleash on his characters, and readers of his new collection of short stories, In the Closet, Under the Bed will reap the rewards of this explosively talented writer.  These stories are monstrous and thrilling and sexy and disturbing.  But what makes them truly remarkable and fantastic is their distinctive milieu -- gay men battling supernatural forces with dizzying results.  Lee Thomas is not only defining the genre of 'queer horror' with his new collection, he is setting its gold standard."
— Jameson Currier, author of Where the Rainbow Ends and The Haunted Heart and Other Tales

"With this superlative collection of stories, Lee Thomas cements his reputation as one of the most powerful and most original voices in horror fiction today.  If you're not reading Thomas, you're missing out on a bold and unparalleled experience."
— Nicholas Kaufmann, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of General Slocum’s Gold and Chasing the Dragon

"Lee Thomas brings to the writing of queer horror fiction a versatile sense of genre and a fierce emotional agenda. Here is a man with issues, as well as back issues. This intense and dynamic collection includes dark psychological narratives, grim physical horror, visionary fantasy, crime and science fiction. Thomas weaves together supernatural themes with a wide-ranging perspective on the lives of gay and bisexual men in the modern world.

"In many of these stories, destructive supernatural forces arise from the repression or denial of sexual passion. But there is danger, too, in the dehumanisation of cruising and the lies told on Internet dating sites. Being out of the closet does not mean you are out of the woods. Whether sexuality is hidden or relatively free, darkness still lurks in words unspoken and debts unpaid.

"Here you will find lethal angels, online ghouls, astral voyeurs and phantom bees. You will find a varied cast of men who desire other men – but who may fear to do so, or make dangerous choices, or discover that love is not pure or simple. You will find fifteen stories in which the multicoloured threads of horror and queer sexuality are woven together – but which are, first and foremost, stories about human nature."
Joel Lane, British Fantasy Award-winning author of The Lost District and The Terrible Changes

“I have been waiting for this collection since I read my first Lee Thomas story two years ago.  This man’s prose is just plain seductive.  Like Joe Hill, or Peter Straub, or even Graham Greene, Lee Thomas has a way of lulling you into a story with an easy, conversational intimacy.  His characters and their stories are so honest you cannot help but lower your guard.  And once that happens, he’s got you in his fist.  He will leave you battered and shaken, but begging for more.  He’s that good.”
— Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Quarantined 

T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

  • Foreword | David Thomas Lord
  • All the Faces Change New
  • An Apiary of White Bees
  • Healer
  • Dislocation New
  • They Would Say She Danced
  • Shelter New
  • The Good and Gone
  • Appetite of the Cyber Tribes New
  • Crack Smokin’ Grandpa New
  • Anthem of the Estranged
  • I Know You’re There New
  • Down to Sleep New
  • I’m Your Violence
  • Tears to Rust New
  • The Tattered Boy New
  • Afterword | Michael Rowe