Summer 2008

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“A startlingly edgy story about a developmentally disabled boy who possesses a terrifying power.”
– Kirkus Reviews

“…A paranormal tale of crime and comeuppance in the spirit of Lois Duncan…teens who simply want to ride the momentum of a creepy, accessible thriller will seize this…”
– ALA Booklist

 “…A quick, engrossing read... An excellent, original horror novel that's highly recommended not just for teenagers but for adult readers as well.”
– Fear Zone

 “Mason is a fast-paced … novel packed with action, suspense and just enough creep to make you jump every time the bed bugs bump your bed at night. Pendleton’s style is a fluid mix that keeps you glued to the pages until the thrilling end.”
– PopSyndicate

“With its fast-paced flow and believable characters, not to mention a truly creepy plot, Mason is a great book for readers of all ages…Disturbing…Scary…”
– Horror World

“Unique, lovely, and all the more scary, MASON takes readers on an adventure they will never forget. Mind-over-matter is important in this novel, and Thomas Pendleton creates well-developed characters you will both love and hate. With an ending that will take your breath away, this is a story that will be remembered forever.”
– TeensReadToo

 “Pendleton shows his mastery of the horror story with his first solo novel. He weaves a thrilling tale of suspense and mystery as he slowly reveals the pieces to the puzzle that is Mason Avrett.”
– Kliatt

 “This book is delightfully disturbing, continuously flowing with action page after page, and is difficult to put down. The author has created an amazing web of consequences that will get one thinking about what is right and wrong, and when innocence is an acceptable excuse.”
– GirlKibitz