The sickness was only the beginning of the misery for the residents of Coral Point. Every four years, the disease arrived to claim its victims. Those infected invariably withered, suffered, and, according to local legend, took to the sea in a final attempt at peace.

But things have changed. Something has arrived in the wake of the sickness, and only a lone charter boat captain understands that what now hunts the gulf beyond the reef is far more deadly than anything that the people of Coral Point could imagine.

The waters have become the shelter for a new and lethal species, a dark breed of predator that will not be confined to the waves...

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"This is not just the story of a town, but of a man and his choices. It's bittersweet... despite the terror of the tale. And there is terror and gore enough to satisfy horror fans. Yet, PARISH DAMNED is very subtle and grounded in humanity."
The Horror Channel

"This is not a story to read alone in the house and certainly not late at night. Thomas manages to make an every day sort of fishing town a repository of grim memories and sleepless nights."
— SF Crowsnest

"…Far more than a horror novel. It is a study in character and atmosphere … I recommend it highly."
— HELLNOTES review by Steve Vernon. For comprehensive coverage of the horror and dark fantasy genres, subscribe to Hellnotes!

"PARISH DAMNED is a good example of why Thomas is a swiftly rising star in the horror genre… Highly recommended."
— Horror World Review by Nate Kenyon. For full review check out Horror World! Just scroll down to the PARISH DAMNED review.

"If I were the type of person to rate such a masterpiece I would say this was a five out of five. A truly amazing twist to an old subgenre that everyone needs to read!!"
— Horror-Web review. Complete Review

"[PARISH DAMNED] deserves to be one of the most read and talked-about pieces of the year."
— Gary A. Braunbeck, Bram Stoker Award-winner, author of In the Midnight Museum, Keepers, and Home Before Dark:The Collected Cedar Hill Stories, Volume 2.

"Mesmerizing and seductively calm, the story is an epic of staggering size, wrapped into less pages than should be possible."
— James A. Moore, author of Serenity Falls and Blood Red.

"…Lee’s writing is as sharp as a stake, and the battle between humans and feeders … is very exhilarating (and features some inventive kill/feed scenes)."

"…Spooky and disturbing."

The Horror Fiction Review #10See the full review. Pick up HFR now!

"PARISH DAMNED [publisher's info]... is an intriguing novelette about murderous vampiric creatures from the deep that periodically feed off the residents in a seaside town. Despite the horror, it's poignant at the end."
— Year's Best Fantasy and Horror #17, Edited by Ellen Datlow, Gavin J. Grant and Kelly Link (PARISH DAMNED honorably mentioned).