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July 2012

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“When the sun goes down, the citizens of Luther’s Bend are going to find themselves in a whole world of trouble. Thomas really ramps up the tension with a nerve-shredding showdown between the police and a pissed-off pack of merciless werewolves who have picked up Sykes scent and are hell-bent on violent retribution… Highly recommended!”
— Rue Morgue Magazine

“… A fast-paced supernatural thriller about a small town under bloody siege from uncanny horrors.”
— Publishers Weekly

“… Thomas’ hard-boiled first-person narrative is at its best… The latter third of this novella is a full-on guns-versus-monsters blastathon, with plenty of gore for those so inclined and just enough tortured insight for those looking for some poignancy, too.”
— Booklist

“It's amazing what Thomas is able to accomplish in a volume as thin as Torn: strong (and often surprising) characterization, the efficient setup of story, compelling action and a brutal last stand of a finale. Thomas doesn't waste a single word, resulting in a lean machine of a story… Equal parts character drama, suspense thriller and balls-out monster movie, Torn is tailor-made for a lazy summer afternoon. Grab it and enjoy the continued rise of one of horror's best hopes for the future.”

Torn is a top-notch novella that packs as much punch as most full-length novels.  Lee's creature feature also deals with Cranston's inner demons, and will leave the reader with much food for self-contemplation.  This is a smart, expertly-written graphic horror tale...”
The Horror Fiction Review

Torn, by award winning author Lee Thomas, is a suspenseful thriller using established horror tropes to give form to our darkest fears.  There's plenty of "horror" action here, but it's strengthened by a wrenching emotional subtext that's perhaps darker than any kind of violence, making Torn everything horror fiction should be.”
Shroud Magazine

“Thomas’s ending is not only horrific but emotionally moving, and Thomas brings it to a deafening conclusion, ratcheting the tension up…”
Dark Discoveries Magazine

“The Bottom Line: You'll want to sleep with the lights on after reading this one. This tightly written novella features a nice balance of story and plot that will keep you in suspense until the end… highly recommended for mature fans of horror who enjoy stories with a little twist of sadness.”
Mini Book Bites

 “A very creepy macabre horror thriller...
Alternative Worlds

“Lee Thomas has delivered a solid addition to the Werewolf genre, intertwining heady psychological drama and gruesome violence with a lightning-paced narrative that kept me glued to the page.”
Crow’s Caw