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Descends May 2012

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“Offers further promise that Thomas could emerge as a leading voice in modern horror fiction.”
Publishers Weekly

“Pre-Katrina New Orleans is the setting for this stirring supernatural tale about ghostly queer spirits and ghastly sexual practices… Eloquent writing, wholly dimensional characters and spooky atmospherics power this compelling combo of chilling horror story and ultimately satisfying love story.”
— Richard Labonte, The New York Blade

“The past haunts the present in Thomas’s latest, a well-written cross-genre tale that reads like part Straub, part Braunbeck... THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is a complex and emotional novel full of well-drawn characters..."
— Nate Kenyon, Horror World (Full review available at Horror World (Just scroll down)).

“Thomas' rich prose harkens back to the moodier works of Straub's Shadowland or King's Dolores Claiborne … In The Dust of Wonderland, Thomas explores that totality of the human experience like a master painter, first with broad strokes to color the palate then with a fine-point brush to bring forth the depth and detail.” 
— Slasher Speak, review by Vince Liaguno. Full review available here

“With this novel, Thomas has cemented himself as a true craftsman and talent to watch in the future. The Dust of Wonderland is well worth the read.” 
— HELLNOTES, review by Nickolas Cook

4.5 out of 5 Stars!
— Horror Web

“With complex characters and beautiful prose and the most evil of villains in Travis Brugier, here is a book that you cannot put down. Here is a book that is both poetic and provocative, eloquent and supernatural and will keep you awake for hours… I am still reeling from having read this book and you will undoubtedly feel the same.”
— Eureka Pride

“A worthy successor to Clive Barker, Lee Thomas has a firm grasp of both the epic and intimate aspects of horror fiction. Simultaneously touching and scary, emotionally real and grotesquely fantastic, THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is a wonder.”
— Bentley Little, author of The Vanishing

"An ambitious, complex novel filled with homespun flavor and populated by fully-realized characters. THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is a compelling read that is by turns poetic, provocative, savage, and illuminating."
— Tom Piccirilli, author of The Midnight Road and A Choir of Ill Children

"THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is a haunting, heartbreaking novel, part supernatural thriller and part coming-home drama. Lee Thomas is a fantastic writer with a gift for invoking our most intimate fears--and preying on them mercilessly. Bravo."
Christopher Golden, Bram Stoker Award winner and bestselling author of The Myth Hunters

"THE DUST OF WONDERLAND's an exciting, muscular new take on the "Old Dark House" story -- and one with brains and heart. It's full of surprising twists and turns but not a single one rings false. Its characters are complex and drawn with a deft steady hand. And Travis Brugier, the master of Wonderland? One hell of a villain!"
— Jack Ketchum

"Lee Thomas takes you on a twisted ride through nightmare territory."
Douglas Clegg, award-winner and bestselling author of Mordred, Bastard Son, and The Priest of Blood

"You can go home again... but you might not like what's there waiting for you. THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is a heartbreaking thriller with more genuine scares than anything else you're likely to read this year and well-drawn characters that feel like old friends. This is supernatural fiction done right. I loved it."
— Brian Keene, bestselling author of Ghoul and Dead Sea

"With a wise and loving eye, Lee Thomas depicts a modern family precariously balanced on the edge of ruin. One man's secrets will either set them free, or destroy them. This novel is a rare gem; deft, unique, and darkly beautiful."
— Sarah Langan, author of The Keeper and The Missing

"Lee Thomas is an enigma. He manages to write amazing books that never, ever follow any of the standard genre issues. THE DUST OF WONDERLAND is no exception. A tightly written, fast paced novel that throws all of the standard stereotypes out the window and builds instead a richly textured world of dark possibilities and endless nightmares. The villians are truly villainous and the heroes are suffering for their humanity. Highly recommended!"
— James A. Moore, author of Blood Red and Deeper